Lose Weight : Eat Breakfast

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day that lays the foundation for lifelong health benefits. With the busy schedule everyday, breakfast often becomes an after thought, but should instead make it, the top priority in the morning. Mornings are great time for getting things done when you are less likely to get interrupted than later in the day. There are higher possibilities to turn personal priorities into reality. “A Great Morning”, would start with a freshly brewed coffee, warm-up exercise, and a hearty family breakfast.

Having breakfast gets your morning started on the right tract. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism and gets your day off to the best possible start by providing the rocket fuel, called glucose, a carbohydrate. It makes you feel happy, healthy and energetic. It is linked to improved performance and weight loss.

After a long sleep, 8-12 hrs, your brain requires glucose, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to get energy.  You fast the whole night and You need to break this fast! Breakfast restores glucose that were lost or utilized during the sleep. But it is  quite often ignored or rushed through like grabbing a doughnut, a banana, or an apple. Sounds familiar? Yes and the most common excuse for not having breakfast is “lack of time”! Research has shown that breakfast skippers are likely to be at the risk of getting overweight, osteoporosis, anemia, colon cancer  in future

Do not skip breakfast

It might seem that you save calories by not having breakfast. On the contrary,  the breakfast eaters tend to weigh lesser than the breakfast skippers.  Eating breakfast can help you lose weight. 

Skipping breakfast can be visually represented as a car without petrol. No breakfast means the brain energy is slumping in the mid morning. You may not be able to focus well on work and also will have trouble with keeping in good mood.  Skipping breakfast will lead to binge eating and you more likely will end up eating all through the day! You are also more vulnerable to cravings and more likely to choose unhealthy foods resulting in overweight.  “How can I make breakfast a part of my day?”.  The answer is very simple. It’s just building the habit of having breakfast everyday, one of the major lifestyle changes. Turning a desire into habit needs a stronger will power. So, be more consistent.

Start slowly


If you don’t feel hungry in the morning, start with something that is small, like a piece of toast, whole meal waffle with peanut butter, whole wheat crackers with cheese or peanut, yogurt, or smoothie. Once you get used to eating early in the morning, start having a full balanced breakfast meal.

Sit down and eat breakfast

Many of us rush through the day and just gobble the food before stepping out. The food that consumed in hurry will most likely end up undigested. The longer we chew the food, the more we enjoy the flavor and texture of the food. Chewing enhances the digestion. Try at least 30 mins, every morning, to eat & enjoy your breakfast.

Choose the right food for breakfast

Breakfast is starting off with better nutrition. One must consider the type of food eaten for breakfast. A pastry coupled with coffee in the morning, will give you an initial energy surge. Truthfully, it is just a temporary filler. By mid morning you may be sluggish or sleepy!

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A healthy breakfast meal should contain a variety of foods, including fruits & vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, and lean protein. Protein blunts hunger and is more satiating.

Feb 2013 013An egg for break fast is one of the best choice to have protein in the morning. Egg contains high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Limit the high sodium, harmful fat and sugar food. Eating breakfast that includes whole grains will reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attack & heart failure.

Plan ahead

Many find it difficult to prepare a full meal, especially, in the morning for you have to rush to work. You can always prepare a smoothie, cut fruits, cook the cereals, pack a to-go sandwich, the previous night, and refrigerate and it is ready for the next day morning!  Can have the cereal either cold or hot and for more  flavor add nuts, berries or bananas.  Yummy, healthy, and filling breakfast!

Breakfast should be consumed daily for a sustained life and to promote good well being. Ensure that even in the morning rush you and your kids get a good, healthy breakfast before stepping out of the house. Breakfast is vital for every adult, young growing kids and teens. According to American Dietetic Association, children who eat breakfast perform well in the class room and in the play ground, with better concentration, problem solving skills, and eye-hand co-ordination.