Controlling holiday binges

Nibbling is common during the holidays  like cookies, chocolates, nuts, dried fruits.  Anxious that those extra bites can add up to few calories? No worries. You can always enjoy a balanced meal that keeps  full for a longer time and you will not be tempted to  nibble the holiday snacks. It is important to maintain a structured eating pattern. Starting your day with a protein rich breakfast will help prevent overeating at holiday gatherings later in the day.

While dining out hang out with the group of friends and chat with them. Prepare yourself to enjoy the occasion. Spend more time with friends laughing and chatting,  enjoying  the music and the decorations.  Play with young kids or dance with your friends.  You will be burning calories but still will be far away from the buffet table. You will be less tempted if you stay far distance from the buffet table. Your urge to grab food will pass in few minutes.

Enjoy colorful veggies  as starters. This will prevent you diving into the first edible food you lay your eyes on.

Try not to overboard on bacon wrap, fruit cake,  fried chicken and fritters. If you can keep your portions in check, you can enjoy  your favorite food without overboard.  Stick with one of each deliciously tempting food.

Don’t go to party hungry. Before leaving to party, relish on yogurt with apple or a banana that help curb your appetite. By having an appealing fruits snack you will be less prone to plow your way through the buffet table, later. The same applies when you plan to travel. A good -for-you snack stash can help you fight the urge to gobble down the tempting, calorie laden food choices when you are traveling during holidays.

If you are inviting your friends at home plan the menu with more fruits and vegetable dish.


  • Colorful salads like jicama with tomato, grape fruit with avocado and nuts, mango with quinoa,
  • Baked potato or roasted sweet potato,
  • Whole meal sandwich, noodles with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms,
  • Chicken or beef kebab with cucumber, pineapple and bell pepper,
  • Cut fruits as dessert.
  • Chilled lemon juice with mint leaves.
  • Eat large portions of salad before moving on to the other foods

Be active

During holidays we are more active in decorating, shopping, card writing, cooking, inviting friends that leaves us over exhausted.  Our body and mind push us to the stage of stress & tired.  Still, you can stick on to your regular exercise and get good sleep.  You just need to act to ward off the stress. While shopping, walk from store to store with brisk pace, take an extra lap to go around the mall and admire the decoration and do some window shopping.

Take a walk after the dinner and enjoy the stars up on the sky. A soothing music will make you enjoy further.