Soy Recall

Soybean good for you

Soy is rich in high-quality protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Replacing some meat meals with soy protein will benefit on heart health and also promote a healthy complexion and hair. It is an excellent plant-based alternative that boost the energy. Studies have shown that people who enjoys greater amount of soy, experiences less age-related mental disorders. Soy bean, like meat, egg and dairy products, it provides all essential amino acids and so it is called as a complete protein. Soy protein has been shown to be equal to proteins of animal origin.

To maximize the potential benefits from soy, consume the soy in natural, minimally processed sources.

Soy bean, like meat, egg and dairy products, it provides all essential amino acids and so it is called as a complete protein. To lower the risk of chronic heart disease, saturated fat should be replaced with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Soy protein, a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acid, decreases the triglyceride levels and LDL, which is viewed as important for reducing chronic heart disease. 85% of the lipids in soybeans are unsaturated. Omega – 6 is the predominant fatty acid in soybeans, 55% and Omega -3 in soybean is around 6%. American Heart Association advocates that consuming soy protein to replace animal foods rich in saturated fats may prove beneficial to heart health.

Soybean contain a mix of slow-digesting carbohydrates that help control the blood sugar.

Tofu, tempeh and edamame are the best sources of soy protein. Tofu, nicknamed as the meat without bone.

Soybeans and products are good sources of isoflavones, a type of compound called phytoestrogens help prevent breast and prostate cancer. Genistein, a predominant isoflavone in soybean, has an antioxidant properties that inhibits the growth of cancer cells.  It also brightens the skin, improves skin tone, boost collagen formation. Isoflavones in soybean also help reduce the bone loss and increase the bone mineral density during menopause.

Soy is gut friendly. The fibre along with the starches promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

The iron and zinc in soybean are easily absorbed by the body when compared to other vegetarian sources. Zinc is needed for the growth and development.

Edamame, the young soy bean contains protein, calcium, vitamin C, folate, choline iron, and zinc. Like meat and dairy products, it provides all essential amino acids.

Folate and iron in edamame, promote the fertility in pregnant women.  Edamame is also a good source of choline that plays a vital role in muscle functioning, learning, memory and promotes good sleep.

Nutritional Highlights

Edamame can be steamed and taken as snack or can be added to soups and salads.

A cup of edamame, 155g, contains;

190 caloreis,

18g protein,

8 g fat,

8 g fiber

14g of carbohydrate

98 mg calcium

482 g of folate

4g of iron

Soy products:

  • Tofu, the soybean curd is made by curdling the soymilk.. Firm tofu is higher in protein. Soft tofu is used in recipes called for blended tofu, and silken tofu is a good replacement for sour cream in dip recipes. Yuba, a thin layer or sheet, formed above the hot soymilk, is high in protein.
  • Tempeh, is an Indonesian food with a nutty flavor. Whole soy bean fermented with rice or millet to forma chunky soybean cake. It can be marinated and grilled and added to soups and salads.
  • Soy yogurt contains healthful bacterias and is fortified with calcium and vitamin D.
  • Soy nut butter is made from roasted soybean has a nutty taste and contains less fat than peanut butter.
  • Nondairy frozen desserts are made from soymilk. Soy ice cream and soy pudding tastes good even with mild sweet.
  • Soy cheese made from soymilk, is creamy in texture makes an easy substitute for the most fatty cheeses, sour cream. It comes in various flavours too.
  • Soy bean patty made with soybean, mushroom, onion and carrot is a healthy alternative to meat burgers.
  • Soybean sprouts salad is a common Korean side dish. It tastes light with common ingredients like, salt, sesame seed, sesame oil and scallion. Soy bean sprouts are high in protein and fiber and low in saturated fat and sugar.
  • Soy protein bar is a great snack and is a convenient, on-the-go crispy bar with protein and fiber.

A serving equals 1 cup (240ml) of soymilk, edamame 1 cup (155g) or ½ (130g) cup of tofu.

Regular physical activity and a balanced meal every day keeps you fit for longer.


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