Make your food healthier

Everyone love pizza and it is not a junk food at all if it is baked with more vegetables, wholegrain dough, and cheese with less fat, like mozzarella.

Load up the whole grain crust with seafood (16 shrimps) or minced meat (200 g minced chicken or beef)  with more vegetables & fruits (200 g) like tomatoes, bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, spinach, cucumbers, basil, olives, pineapples, kiwis. The more the vegetables, at least five vegetables and two fruits with minced meat, the healthier your pizza is. The fiber form the vegetables will keep you full with just one slice of the pizza but the taste remains in for a longer hours.


With the above basic ingredients, a piece of 12” wholegrain pizza:

  • Seafood (2 shrimps) will give you 218 calories
  • Minced beef (25 g) will give you 273 calories
  • Minced chicken (25 g) will give you 264 calories

Looks great and sounds healthy!

Barley fried rice is an excellent dish that controls the insulin spike. Swap white rice for barley and enjoy the dish with chicken or beef or chickpeas. One serving of barley is cup-cooked (157 g) gives 193 calories. A teaspoon of olive oil or sesame oil adds a great flavor.

1 cup of cooked barley with:

  • 30 g beef and 50 g vegetables gives you 375 calories
  • 30 g chicken and 50 g vegetables gives you 354 calories
  • 30 g of chick peas and 50 g vegetables gives you 329 calories.

The following are examples of foods with low calories, sodium and fat but loaded with more nutrients, to keep you fit.

Breakfast for busy mornings

  • Hummus, veggie and pesto sandwich
  • Grilled chicken with light mayonnaise whole meal sandwich
  • Tuna and alfalfa with avocado spread sandwich

2014-03-27 14.38.57

  • Mixed vegetable noodles
  • Whole wheat tortilla wrap with egg and cheese

Healthy Lunch box 

  • Mushroom and chicken stir fry with rice
  • Beef and broccoli stir fry with brown rice
  • Quinoa mango salad Mixed vegetable salad with lemon, mint and honey dressing with whole meal pasta
  • Black pepper chicken with bean curd with  noodles
  • Celery, bean curd, red bell pepper stir fry with chili flakes and black pepper with rice



  • Vegetable rice (1/2 cup rice and ½ cup vegetables, like carrot, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom, peas, raw mango)

Dinner delights

  • Mixed vegetable and bean curd clear soup with rice
  • Rice with yellow bean and spinach
  • Mixed vegetable curry with roti
  • Okra with garlic and onion stir fry with rice
  • Steamed fish with lemon and ginger and rice

IMG_68682013-07-19 19.09.01

  • Baked fish with rosemary and pepper with mashed potato
  • Whole meal spaghetti with seafood and basil
  • Eggplant sandwich with fruit salad and yogurt



To make your meal healthier focus more on whole meal, lean protein, healthy fats, fiber, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables and nuts. Cooking meat with equal amount of vegetables is a great idea to keep you full for longer. For example, French beans with diced chicken an excellent vegetable cum meat dish for dinner. For vegetarian instead of chicken either bean curd or mushrooms can make a colorful dish.

Exercise, of course every day minimum 30 mins.

To burn 130 calories, you can either:

  • walk for 30 mins or
  • cycle for 17 mins or
  • jog for 15 mins or
  • swim for 15 mins.

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