An Attractive Sweetener

Many people swap honey for sugar, considering it healthier just because it is natural. Actually, it isn’t true.

Can you believe that one tablespoon of honey (21g) gives 64 calories when compared to a tablespoon of sugar (white, granulated) gives 48 calories?


Table sugar (sucrose) is composed of 50% fructose and 50% glucose. Like sugar, honey also contains glucose and fructose (fruit sugar).  Honey is composed of 39% fructose, 31% glucose when compared to sucrose. In addition it also contains water.

Honey contains trace amounts of B vitamins and minerals like, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron and zinc. It also contains anti-oxidants and natural enzymes. Antioxidants mop up the free radicals and the enzyme speeds the rate of chemical process in the body. The enzymes in the honey help divide the glucose and fructose that are directly absorbed by the body. Fruits & vegetables, in general, are other natural and easy sources of antioxidants and enzymes.

Unlike glucose honey does not cause insulin to be released or stimulate the production of the hormone leptin that regulates energy intake and expenditure. The GI of honey is moderate 55±5  (Fructose GI -25) when compared to GI of sugar which is 68±5 (Glucose GI – 100)   that is considered higher.  A carbohydrate food with high GI causes a rapid increase in blood sugar than a low GI food.

Honey has a higher density and weight than sugar that contributes to higher amount of calories per tablespoon! For gram to gram, honey- the amazing ingredient, is more fattening than table sugar! So, use it wisely.

Honey has higher sweetening power than sugar, for it is high in fructose. This obviously means that you can use less honey than sugar to reach the desired sweetness.

While substituting honey for sugar in your recipes, use 1 part of honey for every 1¼ of part of sugar. Honey has the tendency to increase the browning of baked product. Reducing oven temperatures by 25 degree helps prevent the browning.

Honey is considered a good remedy for the physical as well as the mental fatigue. It is athlete friendly and can be turned into quick energy in the body. It provides strength and energy and instantly boost the performance and endurance in athletes.  Exercise consumes lot of sugar from the body that need to be replaced quickly. A beverage with honey can quickly replace the sugar loss.

Honey has no side effects. Instead, has a natural and gentle laxative effect!

Ultimately, whether honey could help you lose weight or not, is in your hands. Honey is counted as sugar. According to American Heart Association, women should limit added sugars to 100 calories (6 tsp) and men 150 calories (9 tsp).

Honey, an attractive sweetener!

Honey Bee

Nectar a sugar-rich liquid produced by flowers of various plants, are gathered by bees for making honey.