Try something…..New!

In todays’ fast- moving world every one is scrambling to find an easy, convenient, and at the same time a healthy choice too… In recent years soy has emerged as a perfect healthy food. Many of you are familiar with edamame (fresh, young and green soybean), soy milk, soy bean curd. Delicious and nutritious!march 2013 001

Tempeh (Tempeh Kedeleh). Have you heard this versatile food before?

In case, you are not familiar with tempeh, it is a fermented soy cake, made by the controlled fermentaion of cooked soybeans with Rhizopus mold ( tempeh starter). It is unique among major traditional soy food that has a firm texture and a nutty mushroom flavour. It has been a favourite food and a staple source of protein in Indonesia for several hundred years. Ripe tempeh ( two or three days old) is considered a delicacy!

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Tempeh boosts immunity and digestion. It is high in protein, isoflavones, saponins, vitamins, iron, and zinc. Isoflavones strengthens bones, helps to ease menopausal symptoms, reduces the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Wow! What a wonderful cake!

Tempeh, a perfect meat alternative!

Continuously making yourself aware of ingredients in the food, will direct you towards healthy food choices. Tempeh, one among the healthier choice, is a complete protein food that contains all the essential amino acids. The fermentation enhances the absorption of all kinds of proteins, vitamins, iron, zinc and beneficial phytochemicals. No wonder, many vegan body builders prefer having tempeh as their primary source of protein! It takes a strong mind to make a strong body.

Addition of this nutritious food to diet is a very smart and wise thing to do.

Wonder how to incorporate this fermentated cake in your diet? It’s very simple…..Tempeh takes on the flavour of wheatever its’ cooked in! Steamed, crumpled tempeh can be added to salad, spaghetti sauce, soup and stew.march 2013 007

Slices can be sauteed for burger. It is delicious over rice / toast and great for sandwich & wraps. It is eaten pan-fried after being soaked in a solution of tamarind and salt and also cooked along with vegetables.


Sambal tempeh  is popular in Malaysia. feb 2013 002TEMPEH….TATION…!!!

Tempeh better than Tofu?

Tempeh has one big nutritional advantage over tofu. It is a whole food, in contrast to tofu that is made with soymilk, making it a good source of fiber. Fermentation process tenderizes the soybean and alters its flavour much to the better. Also more enzymes are formed during this process that enhances the digestion. Research has shown that biotin and total folate compounds in tempeh is higher than those in unfermented soybean.

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Tempeh can be refrigerated or frozen but not to be left at room temperature for more than two hours. At its best, this cultured product shows white at first, then black. So, watch out! If you see many black spots don’t buy or use it.



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